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“Is that a TIE fighter?”

In Seattle on August 2, 2011 at 9:21 am

This past weekend I had a lovely trip to Seattle to visit some friends. While I was there, I accompanied photographer extraordinaire Sarah Giffrow to Gas Works Park so she could take pretty pictures of old rusty industrial stuff. On our way there, we went down a series of steps (actually a miniature park called the Wallingford Steps) and noticed something:

“Is that a TIE fighter?” one of us said.

Amidst the various tiles depicting wildlife and sea creatures of various sorts, there did indeed seem to be a TIE fighter. For a moment I thought that perhaps it was something else, and we were just seeing things. Other people have noticed it too, though. Even if the artist did intend it to be something else (or just an abstract pattern) I don’t care- there is a Seattle park with a TIE fighter. Now Portland needs to hide an X-wing somewhere, so we can even things out.

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